September 2006

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View examples of loans we’ve worked with our customers on. Some you may be familiar with, others not.

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Customer Reminder: New Drive-thru and Lobby Hours Effective Monday, October 2, 2006.

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average is an average of 30 stocks. When it started there were only 12 stocks. What company is the only company of the original 12 still in the index?

    Pittsburgh Steel
    General Electric
    Ford Motor
    International Telephone & Telegraph

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Protect your business from the hefty cost of workplace violence.

Last month we told you how an incident of workplace violence can devastate your business. . . even cripple it financially. Now, we have a plan to help you protect your firm. It can help you identify problems before they arise and make your employees feel safe. It's simple plan, but you must be proactive!

University United – A Community Coalition

Did you know that University Avenue has a community coalition that is protecting and shaping its future? For over 25 years, neighborhood organizations, large and small businesses, and a wide range of stakeholders along University Avenue have worked through University UNITED. We'll tell you more about this non-profit group that has made significant advances thus far. And, you may even want to get involved!


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