July 2006

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Have you ever thought how much more efficient it would be if someone did your bank deposits for you? Better yet if the envelopes were opened, data saved and then deposits made? Lockbox may be the solution for you. Contact Trish Sackrison for more information at 651-290-7440.
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Did You Know?

Inflation is up +4.2% for the 1-year ending 5/31/06. The last time our nation experienced calendar year inflation of at least +4.2% was 1990. In the last 15 calendar years (1991-2005), the greatest amount of inflation in any single year has been +3.4%.
Source: Department of Labor

The First US Income Tax ran from 1861-1872. What was it designed to pay for?

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Tips for Increasing Profitability

With the rising costs of transportation and energy and everything else in between, making a solid profit can seem daunting. President Steve Erdall has a few timely tips for increasing your profitability. He looks at everything from debt and cash flow to proper product pricing.

Get the proper schooling
for hiring interns.

Could hiring an intern hurt or help you business? We'll take a serious look. But more important, we'll give you some well-schooled advice on how to structure an internship and how to hire an A+ candidate.

Single shop has the right stuff to compete against the big boys.

If you've ever had to compete against the larger chains or fear that you might, then Jeff Byrne is an inspiration. His shop draws a consistent stream of returning and loyal customers. And, he even attracts outdoor magazine editors as well as fishing and hunting TV hosts to his shop. Just what is the draw? Find out!


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