May 2006

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ATM Depositing:

Did you know that as a business you can make your deposit in an ATM? It's true. And you can deposit up to 30 checks. Contact your banker for ATMs close to your place of business.
Deposits are FDIC insured.
Did You Know?

49% of the total health care costs of employers’ medical plans are incurred by only 4% of the participating employees and their dependents.

Source: Watson Wyatt Worldwide


In what city was America's first stock exchange located?

    New York

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What's the buzz about Remote Deposit?

Starting in June, Western Bank will roll out an important new service for its business clientele! It's called Remote Deposit. You'll be able to electronically deposit checks via the internet. This new development will save you time and money and will put funds into your account faster. You won't want to miss learning more about this great new service!

Who gets it, why and how to prevent it.

Remember those heady days as a start-up business? You couldn’t wait to get to work. But what happened? You now feel chained to your business. The spark has gone. Burnout. It can happen to any entrepreneur. We’ll tell you who gets it, how to identify the first signs and how to get that old spark back and burning.

Finding & interviewing
the right accountant.

It’s time. You’ve decided you need an accountant. But which one? The right one could get you out of a jam or the wrong one could put you in the middle of one. The right one could make your life simpler by being a great sounding board on key financial decisions or the wrong one could get you in trouble with the IRS or SEC. Continuing with our accounting series this month, we’ll tell you where to look for a qualified person and how to interview them. Already have an accountant? These guidelines will help you decide if he’s the one for you and your business

The Claridge

A developer, a real estate broker and an attorney have teamed together to turn a 1922 luxury cooperative into updated condominiums. Read how the trio renovated this stately ivy-covered building into modern Lake of the Isle residences.


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