December 2006

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Is your customer in financial trouble?

One minute you’re sailing along just fine, the next minute a customer is in financial trouble and you don’t want to go down with the ship. So you won't need a crystal ball, we’re going to give you some predictable signals that could indicate your customer is bouncing along on troubled waters.

Qualifying Sales Leads

The James J. Hill Library points you in the right direction when you need to qualify your sales leads. Find out some tips of the trade and where to begin your search. And, if you're not already familiar with Western Bank's free Online Business Information Center, we'll tell you how to sign on to this valuable resource.

Carmen Pampa Fund transforms the lives of Bolivians through education.

By Trish Sackrison
VP Nonprofit Banking

Unidad Academica Campesina, a university in the Carmen Pampa region of Bolivia, is home to one of the poorest communities in the world. And, the Carmen Pampa Fund, located right on University Avenue in St. Paul, helps keep the school funded. The university is the only one in the world that has been recognized by the United Nations as a model for eradicating poverty. Trish Sackrison, Western Bank's Vice President of Non-Profit Banking, talks with the fund's director.

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