January 2006

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Earnings Credit:

Western Bank offers Regular Business Checking that you earn "credit" for your account balances, which helps offset service charges. Check with your banker to see if your business qualifies.
A Favorite Quote of
Bill Sands:

Don’t let those things you can’t do, keep you from doing the things you can do. - John Wooden (former basketball coach at UCLA)

How much money did American Airlines save in 1987 by eliminating one olive from each salad served in first class?


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A Gift for Western Bank's
Business Customers!

President Steve Erdall announces a new service that's available to all Western Bank's business and non-profit customers
. . . one that will help you learn more about potential customers and competitors, gather information on new markets, and much more. You'll have a lot of extraordinary information at your fingertips. Western Bank is partnering with an entity in the Twin Cities to bring all of this to you FREE! Find out what this amazing service is!

CPA offers small businesses
a tax tip for 2006

We're just at the start of income tax season and we have a tax tip for small business owners from CPA Curt Sharp. Sharp, whose office is in the Blaine/Spring Lake Park area, also offers some personal insight into his profession. Learn why he thinks the future is bright for Certified Public Accountants.

E-Commerce i-Poll Results!

A number of you weighed in on e-commerce and how much of it affects your business’ bottomline. Your answers indicate that respondents are split between not offering e-commerce and having up to 10% of their business come from the internet. Here are the official results.

To trash or not to trash. . .
that is the question!

Are your business records in order? Orderly records are signs of a well-run company. Sloppy records can drain productivity and profits, derail a deal, or get you in trouble with the regulatory authorities. Now is a good time to review your business records and make a plan for the coming year. We'll tell you how long you should retain accounting, tax, correspondence, insurance, personnel records and more.


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