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Dear Tushkateers,

The holiday season is fast approaching. As we all know all too well, the holidays present a multitude of stresses that together can create the perfect ‘fat’ storm.   Of course, front and center, the main event of the season is the food! Ever-present platters of holiday cheer in one form or another, enticing, calling your name day-in, day-out, morning, noon and night from Halloween through the New Year.

Add to the mix the varying layers of stress.  For some of us it’s around the gift-buying extravaganza, particularly in these economically stretched times.  For others, it’s the family gatherings (oy and ugh, please pass the Excedrin) and/or the holiday parties.  What to wear?  Who will be there?  The anxiety grows!   Still, in the face of all that, it is possible to wake up on New Year’s Day thinner!  I permanently removed over 50 pounds 8 years ago.  I have successfully made it through the holidaze glaze 9 times!  If I can, YOU CAN!

Here, in THE HOLIDAY DIET,  OLofWL and I share our secrets so that we can, together, enter the holiday season armed with platterfuls of the right foods; strategies that will help us out maneuver our mothers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins … whomever!  All kinds of tricks, tools and tips that will keep us on track, getting it all done, calmly – so that we don’t get lost in the sauce!

Here's how it works:   On October 31, you will receive The Holiday Diet e-book.  This brilliantly and beautifully crafted e-book includes, but is not limited to, the best strategies ever that will help you to not only easily navigate your way through the holidays, but to emerge on the other side happier, more energized and thinner than you are now.

And ... Each and every day from October 31 through January 1, you will receive a FAT-blast in real time from me, your personal Weight Loss Coach!  Upon waking and while drinking my first cup of coffee, I will cozy up to my laptop and send to you an inspired, fun message that will blast the fat cells out of your mind AND bring a smile to your face!   Those who have participated in other programs know that music and dancing is involved!!!  

This is more than a 'diet.'  It's a movement!  We are saying "Enough with the holiday fat. Stop Already!"  We're saying, "Hey, I don't have to gain weight this holiday season!  I don't have to eat that fruit cake!"  We are saying, "I am giving myself the gift of waking up on New Year's day thinner than I am now!  A gift I really, really want!"

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Spread the word ... NOT the icing,
Janice & Our Lady of Weight Loss

I'd also like to remind you all that I am going to be at Wainwright House on October 18. I have full confidence that this day is going to blow the fat cells out of the minds of those who participate. So participate!  Sign up and join with me for an incredibly fun and mind-changing experience.

"You can't solve a problem with the same mind that created it." ~ Albert Einstein

Weight Loss Warrior: Strong, Focused, Determined Workshop, Sunday, October 18 @ Wainwright House, Rye, NY.  Do sign up!  My workshops are great, if I say so myself!

PS:  Our Lady of Weight Loss is out shopping (she couldn't resist all those sales!).  Your regularly scheduled Kick in the Tush will arrive next Monday, October 19.   Thank you for your patience!