August 2005

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What is a Commercial Line of Credit? And, how can it help me?

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A favorite quote of
Bill Sands:

Pray for a good harvest, but keep on hoeing. – a sign on a rural road
Who is America’s Original Entrepreneur?

  • Henry Ford
  • Ben Franklin
  • Sam Walton
  • Thomas Edison

Find out.
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Breaking bad news to customers without breaking your business relationship.

How many times have you swept a problem under the rug, only to have it become much worse? Having to deliver bad news can make most people panic. We’ll take the fear out of the situation with hints on voice and body language to tips on just the right words. If only one idea from this article worked for you, it could save a valuable business relationship!

Letters of Credit

You have probably heard of "lines of credit", but what are "letters of credit"? Who should use them and when? One of our commercial bankers will explain the difference between commercial and standby letters of credit. Perhaps, you should be using them in your business. Find out.

Absolute Investments, Inc.

Western Bank was in on the "ground floor" with Tom Laska and Tim Rea’s new venture, Absolute Investments, Inc., in Woodbury. Western provided the financing for their new commercial building which houses Tim’s flooring business and Tom’s building restoration firm. Learn more about their unique business ventures.

Why CEOs Get Fired!

If you’re a CEO listen up, a new study has just been released revealing why CEOs are fired! And, it’s NOT because of the company’s current financial performance. You may be surprised at what this 4-year study reveals. If you’re not a CEO, you’ll find the results equally interesting!


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