November 2004

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If money doesn't grow on trees, then why do banks have branches?
How many nonfatal injuries & illnesses are there annually?




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Employee Requests for Family & Medical Leave . . . What do you do?

In recent years, Family & Medical Leave has been a hot topic for small business. Federal and some state laws have been enacted. Small businesses are setting up policies. . . or are they? Just what are other small businesses doing about these requests? The results from a 2004 NFIB National Small Business Poll on the subject will give you the answers. And, are you even subject to the federal Family and Medical Leave Act?

Get it in Writing

In the second article of a 3-part series on business loans, we’ll reveal a proven way to impress your banker and demonstrate your business savvy. A written loan proposal is the key! See how you can shine with a well-polished proposal. We will reveal some unusual tips. Did you know that a good "camera angle" can help your proposal? Find out how being a shutterbug could be important. Also, discover what most bankers like outlined in a thorough loan proposal.

Five Companies with a
multi-market tradition

Five different, but related firms, are all under the Tradition Company banner. A cornerstone to their "tradition" has become masterplanning. Discover how a mortgage and development enterprise branched into areas such as golf and realty. Meet a Western Bank client. . . Tradition Companies

Retirement plans for an individual fit.

If you are self-employed, retirement planning can seem like a daunting task. Selecting one that fits your business, you and your plans for the future requires some thought. We’re here with some answers . . . and a number of plans that could be a perfect fit. And, we will give you a contact to help you.


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