March 2006

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Legislation signed by President Bush on 2/8/06, increases the insurance coverage for FDIC-insured retirement accounts from their current level of $100,000 to $250,000. The limit has been $100,000 since 1980. This change does not impact non-retirement accounts, i.e., non-qualified money. Source: CBO

Who was the first U.S. president in office to visit the New York Stock Exchange?
    Harry Truman
    Richard Nixon
    Franklin Roosevelt
    Ronald Regan

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Going from Bookkeeper to CFO

The financial structure of your company could determine if you prosper or fail. Over 28% of businesses declaring bankruptcy cite problems with their financial structure as the main cause. Over the next few months in our series, Your Accounting Team, we’ll give you insights about the various stages of building your accounting staff. This month, in Part 1: Bookkeepers – Keeping Tabs on the Basics, you’ll find out how to determine the value of a bookkeeper, whether a basic or full-charge bookkeeper is better for your business, and what attributes you should seek in a candidate. We’ll also give you access to a free exam for your prospective bookkeepers to test their number crunching abilities.

Quick Tips to “Less Stress” Travel

Too many presentation handouts, lost luggage, the wrong clothes, heavy baggage and a potential for fatigue and illness could make anyone want to hide under their desk than to hit the road or airways. Find out how you can take some stress out of business travel.

The Playwright Center

A former Lutheran church is now the sanctuary of the Playwright’s Center. This unusual center for inspiration and creativity is one of the only organizations of its kind in the U.S. Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner August Wilson and many other notable writers have been among the Center’s stable of early-career residents. The Center’s most renowned annual event, the PlayLabs Festival compares in stature to Robert Redford’s Sundance Festival. Learn about the Center’s recent renovation and how you can get on the impressive PlayLabs Festival’s mailing list.


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