October 2004

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Instant Cash and Check Card

Now it's easy to make business purchases without having to lug around your checkbook or max out your credit cards. Simply slip your Business Instant Cash and Check Card into your wallet and you're prepared! It's another great business product from Western Bank!

Find out more details and learn about the perks of this convenient card.
Under Construction!

Construction of Western Bank's new St. Paul bank building is well underway. Check out the progress at 663 University Avenue!
How many businesses are there in the U.S.?

    - 900,000
    - 3 million
    - 12 million
    - over 25 million

Find out the answer!
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A Special Message from Steve Erdall.

Steve Erdall lets you in on all the reasons why Western Bank has updated its Business Line newsletter. He'll tell you why internet communications are important. You'll discover how Western Bank is looking to the future in business communications and what it will mean for you and your business. See what he has to say!

Presentation & Planning could
give you an edge!

"First impressions" could increase your loan potential. In this 3-part series, we'll show you how to grab your banker's attention, how to prepare for that important first meeting, what to bring, the questions to ask and the information YOU need to know. You'll walk in that door with confidence and savvy. In Part 1: Get Your Act Together, we'll focus on your presentation prep work!    

Commercial Photographer
is focused on the future!

One morning, he awoke to find that his clients were gone. . . gobbled up by mergers. It was one of the darkest periods of his life. How did this enterprising commercial photograher overcome the obstacles in this tough creative business? What you’ll discover are thoughts/experiences that can help and inspire any business owner. Meet John Engstrom. . . he’s focused on the future!

Do You Really Need
to Hire a New Employee?

Business is up, an employee quit, a trusted one retired or you need a specially-trained individual for a new area you want to conquer. Is now really the time to add a new employee? Whether you are hiring your 25th employee or your very first, consider these 8 areas and you'll know how to proceed. Plus, the R-5 Option may be your answer.


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